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1.4 sat ─ 2.9 sun

賴振輝 個展




The past two years (2018-2019) see a lot of changes. For one thing, I had an unprecedented number of new artworks and exhibitions. The solo exhibitions include: “When East Meets West” at Taipei Padpanadscha Art Center, “Resplendent Pair Painting” at Taiwan Academy of Fine Arts, “Arts in the Mountain” at Jioufen Art Gallery and Artist Teahouse, “Shine Scenery” at AHM Gallery. I was also invited to group exhibitions both domestically and overseas over 20 times, with all of the works published in albums. The current plan is to publish one album every two years in the future until I have five volumes covering the years of wood, fire, earth, gold and water.

For another, the IDEAS Print Studio had moved from No. 7-2, Huaxin 1st Road, Youyi Village, Qidu District, Keelung City to the new address at 3F, No. 81, Boai Road, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City in 2012, which is about 10 minutes’ walk from the railway station. In the convenient business district, it provides the convenient space for the local residents and artwork lovers to exercise their art potential. I owe my sincere gratitude to Mr. Te-Chun Chang of Majesty Hotel and Chairman of the Taoyuan City Business Development Association for his kind support and assistance, as well as to Mr. Yu-Te Yu, a member of the IDEAS Print Studio for his patient coordination. We moved on July 28 this year, into a new community, a perfect location for a printmaking studio, where we can better share our resources and enjoy teaching and learning, and give feedback to the community.

The artworks has as the themes of mountains, water, clouds, rocks and seas, and innovated with the skill of Viscosity Intaglio Printmaking to give the colors more intersections and layers of changes. This is meant to pursue the unexpected impact, an innovated dimension. It is satisfactory to see dreams of life achieved one by one.

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