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exhibitions :


5.30 sat ─ 6.24 wed

鄧仁川 個展







2019年前後,我將焦點放在純粹大魚的身上,極盡可能地彰顯他豐富的形與色、力與美。或許有人要問〝為何是大魚〞?就現實層面來說,幼魚、亞成魚性徵未明--包含其特徵、性格與分類譜系,不足以成為「典型」,故此處大魚的第一義乃各魚種之成魚。又,基於畫面需要以及方便觀察,最好是大一點的魚! 其次,作為我這自戀的男性象徵物,當然是,越大越好!



All shaping is a form of content.

If you really love the objects you draw,

Then God will give you a wonderful gift

-Presented as a picture!

Fra Angelico said: “People who want to draw God must be with God”- meaning to draw the spirit of God, they must be close to God, all the time! Ask a painter what to paint? The answer can’t be more clear - drawing your favorite is.

Big fish-my favorite! Perhaps it is based on the nature, maybe based on the DNA in the blood, the attraction of “Big Fish” has opened my romantic vision of the creation of the “Poetry of Sea​​” series for more than two decades; the big fish is me, I am Big fish, fish is my incarnation - so as to get close to her - tell love story! My inspiration come from this-they are: Coelacanth, Arapaima, Scleropages, Dipnomorpha.... Snakehead, Grouper, Mahi-mahi, Sea Bream... etc. more than 26,000 kinds!

Around 2019, I will focus on the fish itself, as much as possible to highlight his rich form and color, power and beauty. Maybe someone has to ask “Why is it the big fish”? On a practical level, juveniles and sub-adults have unclear sexual maturity -including their characteristics and classification in biological taxonomy, it is not enough to be “typical”, so the first meaning of big fish here is the adult fish of each species. Also, based on the needs of the picture and easy observation, it is better to be a bigger fish! Secondly, as a male symbol of narcissism, of course, the bigger the better!

I seem to hear Freud yelling: Look at that big fish—beautiful, domineering, fast, fierce, ethical, aggressive ...

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